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"Precious" In His Eyes The Book:

Dee's personal story of overcoming adversity. Follow her journey in discovering God's faithfulness that brought her blessings, encouragement and hope. A book for anyone who finds themselves lost or broken, and want learn how to follow their heart and find His voice. (Foreword By Rosey Grier)

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"Precious" In His Eyes The Journal:

Companion to "Precious In His Eyes" Book. Dee's writings come through journaling which has been a self-healing way to express your inner thoughts, fears and tribulations as well as a daily opportunity to talk to God. She wants to share this with her readers, as a way for them to gain a more personal peace for themselves as they progress through the book.

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~ Foreword ~

This is a book of how a woman’s faith and love carried her from tragedy to triumph.  Dolores Varvorines’ honest portrayal of her life and true love for the Lord allows the reader to learn from her experiences while journeying through this woman’s incredible struggle. She does not hold anything back, she speaks truthfully and personally and if you have ears, you will hear her; if you have eyes you will see her.  Everyone can learn from her experiences.  She has written this book so artfully that people of all races and ethnicities can relate to her and learn from her.  Get “Precious” In His Eyes, I recommend this book to anyone who finds himself lost or unloved, follow your heart and listen to His voice.


Rosey Grier

~ What Dee's Readers Say ~

My Eyes and heart have taken me through many miles of print. The joy is found when the author of the print knows what he or she it talking about.  This story opens our hearts to the truths of grace, a refreshing release from guilt and purposelessness.I recommend it as an honest, gentle and observant guide to the core of grace.
Because of Christ – Kenny Crosswhite
Director of Chaplaincy – Motor Racing Outreach

Dear Delores,
I want to encourage your book by saying, “Precious In His Eyes…to triumph over tragedy is the miracle of Christ.  This book will empower you to believe.”
Yours in Christ –
Linda Tavani
Vice President
Winning Our World International

What God ordains, He blesses – In this book, Dee passionately explains how God led her, as He can you, out of ordinary, difficult world-directed life to a peaceful spirit filled one…  Recommended reading for all ages.
Robert and Lorene Joines

Life is a journey that takes us, at times, in many directions.  Some of the events of our lives shape other events. We all face challenges and blessings.  Dee Varvorines honestly and wonderfully shares her journey with us.  It is a journey that leads not only to the acceptance of life but to a sense of faith and hope.  Her sharing is a great invitation to everyone to accept the journey with wonderful confidence.  It is a gentle and yet challenging invitation to truly experience the wonders of life even in it’s darkest moments.
Monsignor Richard M. Bellow, Pastor
St. Mark Catholic Church
Huntersville, North Carolina

Through much adversity, Dee has come to discover and experience the faithfulness of God.  My hope is that her story will bring encouragement for you in the challenges of your life.
Pastor Farrell Lemings
Grace Covenant Church
Cornelius, North Carolina

Delores Varvorines' Books are available at:

- Barnes and Noble at Birkdale in Huntersville, NC

- The bookstore at Grace Covenant Church, Cornelius NC

- The Bradford Store on Hwy. 73 in Huntersville, NC


Coming Soon ~ "A Pathway Book Of Prayer", By Delores Varvorines