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Delores (Dee) Varvorines


“Precious” In His Eyes

I’ll walk beside you
You will never walk alone
If you should stray from me
I will walk you home
For my child I love you
I will show you the way
You are “Precious” in My Eyes.

(words given to me fifteen+ years ago) ~ Dee


Photo by Paco Bravo

About Me ~

Nearly five years of living in my little lake home on Lake Norman, NC. has opened the doors to the peace and inspiration that fills my life today. I turned to God in my most desperate hours of loneliness, helplessness, pain, loss, frustration and depression.

I have lived through a separation and finally a painstakingly drawn out divorce that involved several years in the courts. After 30 years of marriage and raising a family, I was now alone. I felt so abandoned. My parents had passed on earlier in my life and now my marriage was gone. I was not in control and never was. My world crashed. Then came a car accident that left me with collarbone and shoulder injuries.

The following car accident triggered the onset of Fibromyalgia and devastated my life, as I knew it. I had no understanding of what had happened but always believed that God gave us no more than we could handle. This seemed to me like it was way more than I could handle, the loss of health, the business, my little home and bankruptcy. This left me homeless and unable to work.

Not only did I feel the pain of loss but I discovered my vulnerability and hunger for what my soul longed for. I came to the realization of the many gifts that God brought to my awareness while living in that lake home. I found a peace like I had never known before. My eyes beheld wondrous sunsets, the beauty of a fresh snowfall, the synchronous harmony of birds singing; all that enhanced the majesty of the surroundings therein. Locked in my heart is the wondrously abundant serenity and comfort of living along the water’s edge. I had been prepared for what lay ahead of me.

My most desperate hours paved the journey on which I travel, heading straight toward His Majesty’s abundant love and faithfulness. He turned all the negatives I had released to Him into positives, the differences of want and need were revealed clearer to me as I was being transformed, in the midst of my suffering. I was guided along a path to many doors that only He could open to me. In my willingness to turn to Him and let go, I began trusting Him in all things, beholding the beauty and light, regardless of the darkness that came against me. I drew from the memories that He allowed to be kept safe in my heart; the wonders of the symphony of nature. So soothing was the gentle brush of the wind, beautiful the bloom of a rose, calming the sound as water caressed the shore; all implanted to recall upon. With these awareness’s came the discernment of the spiritual battles that mask themselves in everyday living. A revelation, knowing that there was comfort to be found in the battles belonging to the Lord.

The ultimate war had already been won! When Jesus gave himself to God our Father. He suffered and died for our sins. Our own pain and suffering that we endure here on this earth can be offered up as our sacrifice of thanksgiving to our God who loves us abundantly and unconditionally to have sent His only son for our salvation. Being able to live in this life and not merely exist in it is a wondrous privilege. I continuously ask to see always, the blessings of each day that I am fortunate to live.

Thanks be to God!


More About Dee:

~ College Graduate ~

~ Attended Suffolk Community College in NY, and Pfeiffer College in NC

~ Served on the Pheiffer College Newspaper Staff, and Religious Life Committee

~ IOFC Chaplain ~

~ Pastorial Care Minister ~ "Precious Gift" Women's Ministry

~ Founder and Facillitator ~ FMS - Get A Life Support Group

~ Freelance Writer ~

~ Articles published in Pheiffer College Year Book, Salisbury Post, Charlotte Observer, Statesville Record and Landmark


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